Doublebass player Vincent Meelberg's first impressions of DI-Box HR

30. Juni 2011 - 11:56 — tauber

Here's the e-mail conversation between Vincent Meelberg and Michael Tauber.

Vincent's e-mail

Dear Michael,

Yesterday I received the di box, and it really is a beautiful device, both visually and sonically!

I made some test recordings with my Fichter electric upright bass, and I really have the impression that I can hear "deeper" into the sound, that it has a more 3D character. Dynamically, too, the sound has improved drastically. So all in all, I am deeply satisfied and happy with my purchase!

I do have one question, though: is the di box protected against phantom power? Especially live I do not always have control over the way the di is connected, so I cannot rule out that the di might sometimes be accidentally connected to a phantom-powered input.

Many thanks again and best wishes,


Michael's reply

Dear Vincent,

thank you very much for your quick and positive feedback!

I wish you many as wonderful as inspiring concerts with your new DI-Box HR.

About your question:

There is absolutely no risk for your DI-Box HR to get damaged by phantom supplies. It is a passive device and may withstand several hundreds of volts before any degeneration of isolation may occur. You may enjoy it's excellent performance under any signal and connection condition common in studios and on stages.

Best regards,

Michael Tauber